Marc Brousse

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Fragment XXII (Coliseum, Roma), 2020
Pencil and India ink on paper
29,7 x 21 cm / 11,7 x 8,2 in. (A4 size)
Signed and dated on the back
750 €

Bellflowers, Zagreb Gothic Perfume, 2022
Pencil on paper
31 x 23 cm / 12,2 x 9 in.
800 €

Innocent Massada (allegory of the Fortress of Massada), 2020
Pencil, India ink and invisible UV ink on paper
76 x 56 cm / 29,9 x 22 in.
Signed and dated on the back
3 200 €

My Dear Hashima (allegory of the island of Hashima), 2020
Pencil, India ink and invisible UV ink on paper
76 x 56 cm / 29,9 x 22 in.
Signed and dated on the back
3 200 €

Delenda Carthago (allegory of Carthage), 2020
Pencil, India ink and invisible UV ink on paper
76 x 56 cm / 29,9 x 22 in.
Signed and dated on the back
3 200 €


Marc Brousse was born in 1984 in Southwestern France. In 2016, he graduated from the TU Delft faculty of Architecture in the Netherlands and began his artistic career. He currently lives and works in Brussels.

His artistic reflection lies in the intimate relationship between nature and man architecture. His first visible influence results from his fascination with the art of building, the history of civilizations, religions, and myths. During his travels, the artist found that each urban place, is a living and unique «species» formed of juxtaposition of buildings in perpetual metamorphosis. A living organism which by its internal vitality modifies its external envelope but expresses it very differently depending on the context to which it belongs. It thus creates a dialogue between nature and architecture that allows us to question the traces that our cities leave in time.



Art Magna, 10 Years (Group show) – Seed Factory – Brussels
Brussels Design September (Group show) – La Raffinerie – Brussels
Fondation Justin For Kids (Auction Group show) – Rotary – Louvain-la-Neuve
Affordable Art Fair (Group show) – Hampstead – London
Art Magna (Group show) – Seed Factory – Brussels
Affordable Art Fair (Group show) – Brussels

Art Box Project Basel 2.0 (Finalist Group show) – Artbox gallery – Basel Airport
ART 3F Lausanne (Group show) Galerie Lamarque IN – Lausanne
Gallery MLS – “L’envolée des lignes” (Duo show) – Bordeaux
Lamarque In Gallery (Group show) – Crans Montana

Art Rooms Fair London Project “Gazing the crossroads of civilizations” – Melia White House Hotel – London
We Art From Paris Project “Fragments” (Solo show) – Paris
The Armory Show (Group show) – Artbox Gallery – New York
Art Box Gallery (Group show) – Zurich
“Fragments of Eternity” (Group show) – Palazzo Granafei N. – Brindisi

Swiss Art Expo (Live performance) – Zurich
Lamarque In Gallery – Crans Montana
“TOPOS” project (Group show) – London
Support of MPs – UDAV – London
Drawing Prize Pierre David-Weill (Finalist group show) – Beaux-Arts Academy – Paris

WBB Gallery – “MIXTURA” – Zurich
The CAMP gallery – NY, New, Jersey, Miami
The Aviary Art gallery – Newcastle
The Artbox Gallery (Solo show) – Zurich

The Aviary Art gallery (Group show) – Newcastle
The Artbox Gallery (Solo show) – Zurich
London Art Biennale (Group show) – Old Town Hall – London
OAfter 21 – Ordres Architectes Belgique (Group show) – Namur Pavillon
Arte Laguna Prize 14/15th (Group show) – Architecture Biennale – Venice
Balmain Gallery (Group show) – London
The Trinity Buoy Drawing Prize (Group show) – UK
The Artkeys Prize (Group show) – Castle Agropoli, Italy

ARTCAPITAL French Artist Fair (Group show) – Paris
The Trinity Buoy Drawing Prize (Group show) – UK
The Architecture Drawing Prize – Sir John Soanes’ Museum (Group show) – London
The Adorn Gallery (Group show) – London
Balthazar Gallery (Group show) – Brussels
Lelie Galerij (Group show) – Amsterdam
WBB gallery – MIXTURA II (Group show) Zurich
Tao Gallery (Solo show) – Mumbai
Galerie Aliénor Prouvost (Solo show) – Brussels
Adorn the common Gallery (Group show) – London



The Trinity Buoy Drawing Prize, 2021
The Architizer One drawing Challenge, 2021
The Artkeys Prize, 2021
The Architecture Drawing Prize, 2020
The Arte Laguna Prize 14th, 2019
The David Weill Drawing Prize, 2019
The ArtBox Project Basel 2.0, 2017


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