Maxence de Bagneux

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Sculpture 001, 2022
Low temperature white sandstone, biscuit texture
Circle: 30 cm x 5 cm / 11,8 x 1,9 in.
Half circle: 35 cm x 23 cm x 18 cm / 13,7 x 9 x 7 in.
Signed and dated

Mask 003, 2022
Low temperature white sandstone, biscuit texture, threaded steel
70 x 30 cm / 27,5 x 11,8 in.
Signed and dated

Totems, 2022
Low temperature white sandstone, steel rod structure, biscuit texture
Small 001 : H 150 cm x D 35 cm / 59 x 13,7 in.
or Small 002 : H 175 cm x D 35 cm / 68,8 x 13,7 in.
or Medium : H 190 cm x D 35 cm / 74,8 x 13,7 in.
or Big : H 270 cm x D 45 cm / 106,3 x 17,7 in.
Signed and dated


Born in Normandy in 1975, Maxence de Bagneux since childhood has devoted his free time to his passion for learning and practicing plastic arts and architecture.

In 2001, after studying Applied Arts and a degree in Interior Architecture at the Camondo School in Paris, he went on a six-year journey to discover Asia, where he took an initiation into the heart of arts and crafts.

In 2009, he devoted himself to his passion and set up his studio in Berlin. Inspired by the creative and opulent energy of this metropolis, he develops and refines his style.

Now back to France, he anchors in a 19th-century brick farm in Normandy and decides to set up his studio there. He is close to nature and clay, two of the fundamental and inseparable elements of his work.

Photo ©Laure Ledoux

Previous exhibitions

Previous exhibitions

Paris Design Week, Hôtel Louisiane, Atelier Jespers, Paris
Galerie Aliénor Prouvost, Brussels

Collectible Fair, Brussels
Art Élysées, Paris
Galerie Chic Cham, Geneva
Galerie Wanted, Paris

Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris


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