Mig Quinet

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Fenêtre au rideau flottant – 1971
Ink on paper
72 x 54 cm / 28,3 x 21,2 in.
Signed and titled on the back

Scission – 1967
Ink on paper
38 x 52 cm / 15 x 20,5 in.
Signed, titled, dated on the back

La Toupie – 1969
Ink on paper
54 x 73 cm / 21,2 x 28,7 in.
Signed lower right and signed, titled, dated on the back

Commode au drapé II – 1973
Ink on paper
55 x 73 cm / 21,6 x 28,7 in.
Signed lower right and signed, titled, dated on the back

L’Ornithophage – 1974
Ink on paper
72 x 54 cm / 28,3 x 21,2 in.
Signed and dated lower right and signed, titled, dated on the back

Nu à la chaise I – 1979
Ink on paper
72,5 x 57 cm / 28,5 x 22,4 in.
Signed lower center and signed, titled, dated on the back

Mélusine, le samedi I – 1981
Ink on paper
78 x 62 cm / 30,7 x 24,4 in.
Signed and titled lower right and signed, titled, dated on the back

Empreintes du 3ème type – 1980
Ink on paper
56 x 73 cm / 22 x 28,7 in.
Signed lower right and signed, titled, dated on the back

Pianos siamois ou Pianos jumeaux – 1983
Ink on paper
53 x 73 cm / 20,9 x 28,7 in.
Signed lower center en signed, titled, dated on the back

L’Ecran – 1986
Ink on paper
57 x 75 cm / 22,4 x 29,5 in.
Signed lower center and signed, titled, dated on the back


Mig Quinet was born on 3 June 1906 in Ransart (Charleroi) and moved to Brussels at the age of 4. Trained in drawing at the Brussels Académie des Beaux, she taught herself painting. At the start, Quinet was interested in the modernist movements of the 1920s.

From 1936 and regularly up to 1949, she held solo shows of her figurative work at the Galerie Manteau in Brussels. Despite her status as a woman that kept her in the shadows, critics praised the audacity of her palette, which was inspired at the time by Fauvism. Quinet then showed at the Apport salon and in August 1946, with other artists, she founded the emancipating post-war group, La Jeune Peinture Belge. She participated in all of the group’s exhibitions, in Belgium and abroad. Quinet was also openly committed to abstract painting that reveals a poetry stemming from reality.

From 1953 to 1967, the Brussels Palais des Beaux-Arts organized a total of six exhibitions of Mig Quinet, presenting her as the artist who had profoundly marked the Jeune Peinture Belge movement.

Mig Quinet’s talent for drawing was finally revealed at an exhibition in the Galerie Armorial in Brussels.

Death of Mig Quinet.
Passing through the figurative periods of Cubism, Fauvism, then Geometric and Lyrical Abstraction and Pop Art, the Belgian artist Mig Quinet was widely hailed for her originality, her boundless creativity and the pioneering nature of her work in the history of art. A feminist and member of the avant-garde, in abstraction and figuration she was always faithful to a passionate and very personal form of interpretation.



Louis Manteau Gallery, Brussels, 1938, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1946 & 1949
BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, 1953, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1964 & 1967
Hessenhuis, Antwerp, 1962
Le Zodiaque Gallery, Brussels, 1971
Aspects Gallery, Brussels, 1975
Armorial Gallery, Brussels, 1979 & 81
Retrospective, The Museum of Ixelles, Brussels, 1988
Retrospective, The Museum of Louvain-La-Neuve, 1988
Lineart, Gand, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1990
Mig Quinet, Le Triangle bleu Gallery, Stavelot, 1991
Mig Quinet, Washer Gallery, Brussels, 1991
Modernité de deux Hennuyères, Berthe Dubail – Mig Quinet, Mons Museum, 1992
Mig Quinet, Cluysenaar Foundation, Noville-sur-Mehaigne, 1992
Mig Quinet, Arcade Gallery, Deurle, 1992
Au fil de l’eau, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1993
Œuvres récentes ou inédites, Foundation for The Belgian Contemporary Art, Brussels, 1993
Du cœur au ventre, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1994
Mig Quinet, Arets Gallery, Knokke, 1994
Mig Quinet, Petit Format Museum, Mariembourg, 1994
Drôle de Zèbres, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1995
Rétrospective Mig Quinet, Maison Haute, Watermael-Boitsfort, 1996
En noir et autres couleurs, Foundation for The Belgian Contemporary Art, Brussels, 1996
Allegro ma non troppo, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1997
Huiles et gouaches, Arets Gallery, Brussels, 1997
L’œil du temps, Verviers Museum of Fine Arts, Verviers, 1998
L’Ombilic d’Ariane, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 1999
Le Citron de Véronèse, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2002
Jean Milo – Mig Quinet, Affinités-Diversités, Foundation for The Belgian Contemporary Art, Brussels, 2003
La main verte, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2004
Mythologies, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2005
Turbulences, Charleroi Museum of Fine Arts, Charleroi, 2006
Hommage à Mig Quinet, née il y a 100 ans, Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, 2006
Les Abstraites, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2007
Sans crier gare, retrospective at Watermael-Boitsfort’s station, 2008
Noir et Blanc d’une coloriste, Lismonde House, Linkebeek, 2009
L’Heure juste, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2009
“Et surtout ose !”, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2011
Trois femmes dans l’art abstrait, Marthe Donas Museum, Ittre, 2012
Mig Quinet, Abstraction faite, Museum of Ixelles, Brussels, 2013
Hommage à Mig Quinet, Marthe Donas Museum, Ittre, 2013
Mig avant Quinet – Quinet après Mig, Quadri Gallery, Brussels, 2014
Mig Quinet, L’Art en liberté, Lancz Gallery, Brussels, 2016
Mig Quinet : Le papier, travail d’une vie, Aliénor Prouvost Gallery, Brussels, 2021



Belgian State
French Community of Belgium
Brussels Royal Museums of Fine Arts
Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts
Museum of Ixelles
Museums of the Francophone university of Brussels (ULB)
Liège Museum of Fine Arts
Charleroi Museum of Fine Arts
Mons Museum of Fine Arts
Verviers Museum of Fine Arts
Louvain-la-Neuve Museum of Fine Arts
MuZEE Ostende
Province of Hainaut
Belfius Bank
Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke



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