Amaury Maillet

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1 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
280 (H) x 180 (L) x 180 (P) cm
110.2 (H) x 70.8 (L) 70.8 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

3 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
110 (H) x 70 (L) x 90 (P) cm
43.3 (H) x 27.5 (L) x 35.4 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

5 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
53 (H) x 53 (L) x 18 (P) cm
20.8 (H) x 20.8 (L) x 7 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

11 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
100 (H) x 110 (L) x 110 (P) cm
39.3 (H) x 43.3 (L) x 43.3 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

12 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
120 (H) x 120 (L) x 120 (P) cm
47.2 (H) x 47.2 (L) x 47.2 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

13 – Untitled – 2021
70 (H) x 30 (L) x 30 (P) cm
27.5 (H) x 11.8 (L) x 11.8 (D) in.
Signed “APM”

15 – Untitled – 2021
Aluminium sheet, wire and acrylic
60 (H) x 55 (L) x 60 (P) cm
23.6 (H) x 21.6 (L) x 23.6 (D) in.
Signed “APM”


Amaury Maillet is a self-taught artist born in Toulon in 1974.

After spending his childhood between Provence and Saint Martin, he sat his baccalauréat in Brussels. It was during his time in Provence that he discovered drawing, painting, sculpture, and especially mobiles in his grand-uncle’s studio, a close friend of Calder. Absorbing interest in geometrical abstraction, interest in the sketch, colour, volumes like a sponge and learning how to construct a work, etc…

However, ‘Artist’ being a qualifier often considered to be impressive, Amaury distanced himself from creation for a while, to study at the hotel school of Lausanne. After a career in that industry, he decided to return to his first love and started creating his first mobiles. He is an artist who has followed an atypical path. A career that started later, yet works of great maturity and precision. He has this core of particular energy that makes all the difference. The one that makes an effort to express itself, irrespective of cost, to the end, and this is natural.

The first works I saw impressed me immediately. Both complex in structure and full of great poetry. Works that incite reverie.

His technique is perfect. Balance, movement, and elegance. Everything is right.

A tribute to Alexander Calder’s works? YES because he invented the mobile BUT Amaury Maillet has his own style.

The Fibonacci sequence is ubiquitous in his work, as it is in nature. The logarithmical spirals that are found in abundance in the landscape around us are also present in his mobiles. We find the marvellous flora and fauna of his childhood. We see shells, trees, rocks… Nature is mathematical and his work is in tune with it. Nature in its perfect imperfection.

His works are conceived to react to the blowing wind. Unlike a statue, immobile and unmoveable, the articulated arms move as soon as a breeze pushes the coloured blades. The forms float and move without constraint. In this way, the movement goes in all directions. This dance of colour starts up randomly and depends entirely on the strength of the wind, its direction and range. A feeling of lightness and liberty in contrast to rigour and geometry.

A play between humanity and nature, where sculpture comes to life.

Personal exhibitions:

Personal exhibitions:

2021 : Galerie Aliénor Prouvost, Bruxelles.
2021 : Domaines Bunan, La Cadière d’Azur.


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