DALÍ-MAGRITTE. Deux icônes du surréalisme en dialogue > Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique > October 10, 2019 – February 9, 2020

Through more than 100 artworks (paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, films and archival pieces), the exhibition explores the philosophical and aesthetic proximity of the two artists as well as their personal ties, 90 years after their meeting.

A priori nothing intended Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) and René Magritte (1898-1967) to influence each other. However, a real dialogue takes place between these two titans of surrealism. After meeting in Paris in 1929, the Belgian and the Catalan spent the summer of the same year together in Cadaqués, the opportunity to share their thoughts and practices.

The Brussels exhibition is organized around a thematic journey: “Eye/Avant-garde”, “Dream/Hallucination”, “Georgette/Gala”,… This “dialogue from painting to painting shows a fabulous proximity in difference », underlines Michel Draguet, curator of the exhibition. The influence game goes as far as borrowing visual patterns. Dalí, for example, borrows from Magritte the idea of ​​painting improbable objects catching fire or even a bust of a naked woman which is present in “L’Attentat” (1932) by Magritte and which is found in “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” (1946) of his friend. Magritte takes up with Dalí and his “Couple of Heads Full of Clouds” (1937) the idea of ​​making the outline of the figures coincide with the frame of the painting.

“The relationship that unites Magritte to Dali and Dali to Magritte is without doubt one of the most fruitful of this artistic movement” adds Michel Draguet.

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