LOU VAN ´T RIET | Minimalist Landscapes

Opening > 2pm – 7pm
Exhibition > February 27, 2021 – May 29, 2021

Exhibition Lou van ‘t Riet | Minimalist landscapes
The gallery presents for the first time a set of eight triptychs by Belgian artist Lou van ’t Riet.
These polychrome volumes are a transcendental and essentialist representation of the landscapes and places that she has visited and where she has lived. She prefers the expression of sensitivity rather than figuration in shapes. An imaginary voyage for the viewer looking at the work.

Past exhibitions

Salomé de Fontainieu

OPENING > October 22, 2020 > 18h – 21h
Exhibition > October 22, 2020 – January 8, 2021


The gallery is delighted to present the contemporary artist Salomé de Fontainieu for the first time in Brussels. A Marseillaise woman who paints between her Phocaen workshop and Bibémus near Aix-en-Provence.

This retrospective brings together monumental works on paper and canvas as well as some sculptures. The artist gives us a minimalist work imprinted with power, freedom and softness like a quiet force

Gérard Schneider ON PAPER | 1944-1959

Exhibition > March 19 – October 19, 2020

Exhibition Gérard Schneider ON PAPER | 1944-1959
The gallery presents a selection of more than 70 works on paper by Gérard Schneider: from the «decisive» period (1945-1950) to the «glorious» period (1951-1961). This lyrical abstraction leader left us with a painting that is both free and poetic, at the same time strong, intense and dynamic, where gesture and color reign as masters.

Huguette Arthur Bertrand

EXHIBITION > October 2019 – February 2020

Exhibition Huguette Arthur Bertrand
“Obliquement et à travers” (oblically and through), this unusual title of a painting by Huguette Arthur Bertrand could provide a good summary of her work’s place in the Post-War artistic landscape. After arriving in Paris in 1946, she became one of the few women to join the ranks of young artists who were practicing a form of abstraction that was at first geometrical and then became more spontaneous, adhering to an artistic movement that would be called, according to attempts at clarification by critics, “lyrical, gestural, informal or tachist”.

Colour at the service of abstraction

Exhibition > July 4th – September 28th, 2019

Handling colors and lines is a real diplomacy, it is a real dificulty.
Colour is one of the most important components of abstraction. It is one of the most difficult aspects to master. It requires a great reflection for the artist.
This exhibition presents several artists such as Gérard Schneider, Lois Frederick, Huguette Arthur Bertrand, Guy de Rougemont, Niki de Saint Phalle, Michael Goldberg and Salomé de Fontainieu …

Rougemont. from the ellipse to the serpentine line

OPENING > Thursday, March 28, 2019 & gt; 18h – 21h
EXHIBITION > March 28 – June 27, 2019

ROUGEMONT “from the ellipse to the serpentine line”
« One does not go from the plan to the volume, from the object to the monumental, without one day all this being based on one and the same practice. I am a painter: my sculpture, my furniture, my carpets are of a painter … » Rougemont


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